It’s all tied up – Yodhas Vs Crusaders

Shounak Sengupta

27o, Jan, 2018
The Yodhas and the Crusaders have been slow to start and with the points being split evenly yesterday, they only did the other teams a favour. The Yodhas have looked impressive in CS: GO and they won their 3rd game in a row yesterday, but failure to pick up points from other titles may come back to bite them in the end. On the other side, Remstar will have to stop benching himself in the Dota 2 matches and lead from the field to constantly be doing well in the league.

In yesterdays match, the Crusaders picked up an easy victory in Tekken 7, while the Yodhas picked up 3 points themselves in Real Cricket. Let’s find out how the teams did in CS: GO and Dota 2.
Remstar’s Spectre gets the job done once again
The Crusaders skipper, Remstar brought himself back into the Dota lineup after benching himself last time around and drafted himself a Spectre, a hero he had had success with, in their first game of the season. Both teams had late-game oriented lineups with the Yodhas rocking a Morphling and a Mirana. The Crusaders had the Spectre backed by Invincible’s Tinker and front liner in the Underlord. It was a slow paced game as the Crusaders let the Tinker have his space. Their Chen went for a Helm + Necro build, helping the team go for objectives easily. While the Yodhas had a lot of single target damage, the lack of aoe meant that they were unable to stop the pushes safely. Despite having a shadow shaman, they rarely saw the enemy tier 2’s and were not able to get a lot of map control. The Chen creeps with the Tinker’s March on top was too much for the Yodhas to defend at 23 minutes and they lost their bottom barracks. After that, it was just a matter of closing it out for the Crusaders as they had the entire map to farm and eventually forced the gg.
Pexxer deletes the Crusaders from the server
One might have thought that Wuzz’s decision to pick up Pexxer may have been an emotional one rather than a strategic one, but nothing could be farther from the truth as the younger Bhatia brother took it upon himself to secure the 5 points for his team. He dropped a monster 31 frags on Inferno, and with an ADR of 137, there was no chance for the Crusaders. The Crusaders picked up the majority of rounds on their CT side, with the first 3 coming as a result of the pistol round win. The first half continued to be back and forth, and the T’s despite looking like the better side weren’t allowed to build the economy to be truly dominating. The second half would pretty much end up being a no contest from the Crusaders as they had no idea on how to break the Yodhas defence. The Yodhas took the game 16-9.
With this, both teams picked up 8 points each and seem to be struggling at the bottom end of the table. They will need to go all out and get clinical victories to catch up in terms of points in the following games.