It's a rematch: Signify CS:GO will take on Bravado Gaming in the Grand Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Bravado Gaming

DreamHack India Invitational CS:GO is all set for the Grand Finale to take place between Signify and Bravado Gaming as the Lower Bracket Finals witnesses Bravado take down Energy Esports in a really intense match-up.

No one would have ever expected at the start of the invitationals that the two invited teams would be facing each other in the Lower Bracket Finals but here we were watching the two fight it out on Inferno for their survival.

Energy took off to a solid start by winning the pistol round and following it with an incredible ace by bLacKpoisoN that set the rhythm for them. They went on to execute an impressive retake in the third round with the help of bLacKpoisoN and MisteM.

Bravado finally stepped in the court to take the next round as Elusive gave them a win in the following round as well, sneaking past the Energy line-up and causing shredding them apart.

The next round also went the way of Bravado as Energy surprised them by opting for an aggressive rush followed by good control over banana. The next few rounds were exchanged evenly between the two teams as the two drew out at ‘7-7’.

Bravado got a bit of a momentum working for them that won them three rounds in a row before Energy were successful in defending their plant but Bravado were not backing off as they took the next two rounds as well. (12-8)

The next few rounds witness just a single round going the way of Energy as Bravado reach map point. Energy tries their best to mount a comeback, stringing three back-to-back rounds in their favour but Bravado finally manages to find an opening, as they manage to win this last round and take the game by a score of ‘16-12’.

With this, Bravado move on to the Grand Finals to faceoff against Signify. Let’s see if Signify is able to topple them for the second time or do Bravado successfully take their revenge.


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