It’s a Philippines vs China Grand Finals in WESG 2018

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Mar, 2019

The Filipino all-star team TNC Predator will take on Keen Gaming in the WESG 2018: Grand Finals.

Playing against TNC Predator in a BO3 series, Russian Dota 2 team: White-off, featuring 4 Virtus.Pro players fell to TNC Predator’s aggressive takeover. Though TNC Predator managed to close out the series 2-0, Game 2 was an absolute nailbiter going right down to the wire.

It even appeared as if White-Off were about to walk away as victors to push the series to a Game 3. Following an attempt by the Russian team to destroy TNC’s ancient, however, the Filipino team were just barely able to defend against White-Off, who had expended all of their buybacks in the attack. TNC barreled down the midlane, with Gabbi purchasing a Divine Rapier, and went straight for the GG push, securing their spot in WESG: 2018 Grand Finals in the most outrageous of fashions.

Having struggled for quite some time now in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, TNC Predator are now on the verge of making history. Becoming the first ever team to secure two WESG titles.

White-off will now play in the playoffs against Team Ukraine. It will be a mini-reunion of sorts for the Virtus.Pro team as N[o]one will be competing against Ramzes666, 9Pasha, RodjER and Solo in this match.

Now Keen Gaming and TNC Predator will battle for pride, supremacy, and $500,000 in the Grand Finals of WESG 2018.


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