Immortal Treasure III arrives - But with it's fair share of controversies

Vignesh Raghuram

1st, Aug, 2018

Battle Pass owners will have opened up their Dota 2 clients to some great news on Monday, as the third Immortal Treasure set has finally been released by Valve. This one features weapons and parts that make a solid visual impact and are generally pretty well made.


However, the latest Immortal Treasure III has caused a stir with a number of players as the drops seem to be either reduced or bugged.

A portion of the Dota 2 community who purchased the recent Immortal Treasure III has taken to Reddit to complain about a possible reduction in the drop rate of the Rare items in the newest chest. The Immortal Treasure III which includes a Rare 50 BattlePass levels, a Very Rare golden version of Queen of Pain’s Bloodfeather Feast and an Ultra Rare Witch Doctor Head and Back Item Bundle called Masque of Awaleb Bundle.

According to the drop rates displayed on the official Chinese Dota 2 website:

  • Every time you open a treasure, the odds of getting bonus drops increase (escalating odds):
  • Rare - After 10 chests, escalating odds 1/4 or 25%
  • Very rare - After 10 chests, escalating odds 1/7 or 16%
  • Extremely rare -After 23 chests, escalating odds, 1/10 or 10%

The drop rates include what is called "escalating odds", which means your chances of getting a rarer treasure increase with the number of treasures you open. However, players have been complaining their rare drops were significantly lower than in the previous two Immortal treasures.


Last year Immortal Treasure III was bugged not giving people Rare/Very Rare/Ultra Rare items, is this year the same again? from r/DotA2
While others have clearly sold their souls to the devil for their Immortal Treasure III.

This is similar to the same issues that plagued the Immortal Treasure III of last year’s compendium. Valve retroactively released Ultra Rares, and Very Rares after several complaints from the Dota 2 community setting a precedent.

Hopefully, Valve fixes this issue and does something similar this year as well.


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