Immortal Treasure II and Mo’rokai released but community upset over new game mode

Shounak Sengupta

6th, Jul, 2019

Many waited with bated breath for the release of Immortal Treasure II and the new Battlepass exclusive game mode ‘Wrath of the Mo’rokai’ but were eventually left disappointed when they were released. 


New Immortals for Grimstroke, Dazzle, Timbersaw, Luna, Pugna, Warlock and Ember Spirit were released in Immortal Treasure II. Battle pass owners also received 10 levels each for reaching their stretch goal of crossing last year’s prize pool. 


Mo’rokai, unfortunately, feels like a rehashed version of game modes from previous years and while the community were expecting something unique and different like last year’s Siltbnreaker and Underhollow modes. With an awful lot of similarities with Year Beast from the 2015 New Bloom event, Mo’rokai just doesn’t pack enough of a punch to engage the player base. 


With an already delayed release, the disappointment has increased tenfold and the community are rightfully upset. Given the fact that the community has poured a whole lot of money into the game this year, they were expecting a fun new game mode from Valve but it seems as if Mo'rokai failed to meet most people's expectations. 


Mo’rokai takes the same time as a normal game of Dota. It also very similar in terms of gameplay and can only be used to gain 2 levels per week.  Forums like Reddit were filled with comments as to how the game was boring, long-drawn with many saying that they would not play it after trying it once. 


It’s apparent that the community feels let down by the release of Mo’rokai and it is likely to have an effect on the growth of the prize pool. Will Valve be silent and hope that it passes or will they step up to give the community what they deserve? 


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