ILG Cup Season 2: Signify win their 6th Indian LAN of 2018, taking down Reckoning Esports

Shounak Sengupta

16th, Dec, 2018

Reckoning Esports’s fairytale run came to an end in the grand finals of the ILG Cup Season 2 as Signify picked up their 6th major LAN of the season. Reckoning Esports made it to the finals, taking down both ROG Titans and LXG Esports while Signify were able to make a lower bracket run, eliminating both ROG Titans and LXG on their way to the finals.


Game 1 of the finals saw Signify run away with the same draft they used against LXG in the lower bracket finals. BlizzarD’s Lycan ran rampant throughout the game, eating away enemy heroes and Reckoning Esports had no answers to the army of summons that chomped away at their structures. The fast push strat involving a 5 position Beastmaster, caught threw them off their game and the Reckoning cores could never muster up the farm to challenge in teamfights.


Game 2 was closer with Divine’s PA and Moon’s Invoker able to stand in lane against Signify. However Swifty and co played the map much better, using their experience and were able to find two good teamfights and Roshan at around the 24-minute mark. With PA dying twice, it opened up a huge lead for Signify and they were able to challenge for highground, being able to burst down PA instantly thanks to some good initiations from Crowley’s Axe. With Swifty’s Pugna and BlizzarD’s Morphling, Signify found two sets of barracks and effectively the game. Reckoning held onto their last lane for a while but Signify had too big of a lead to be deterred and forced out the gg following a teamfight win.


Signify take home the trophy and the winner’s cheque of 5 lakh INR and while Reckoning impressed everyone with their performance, they still finished in second place, taking home 2.5 lakh INR.


With that, we look forward to DreamHack Mumbai, where both teams will be expected to participate via the BYOC Open Qualifiers.



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