IEM Shanghai 2018 - Day 4 Recap

Nishant Patel

5th, Aug, 2018

Day-4 of IEM Shanghai witnessed the first ‘Round of Four’ match between Virtus.Pro and TyLoo, two out of the four teams that made it through to the playoffs.

The match was a BO-3 series with the winner making it through to the finals while eliminating their opponent out of the tournament.


Credits: liquipedia|blizzard

The first match of the series kicked off the semifinal on Train which was picked by VP. The pistol round went in favor of Virtus.Pro which was followed by the next several rounds going to-and-fro bringing the score to a ‘3-3’ draw. TyLoo took the lead in the next round only to lose the next four as VP executed some solid plays.

Score at halftime was ‘8-7’ with TyLoo managing to take the lead. The second pistol round was won by the Chinese with VP failing to defuse the bomb in time. Midway through the game TyLoo took a massive lead bagging 14 rounds to their name but was cut short on their path to victory as VP made a remarkable comeback to take the match into overtime.

The next 12 rounds witnessed fierce competition with the rounds going back and forth between the 2 teams. Finally, after 42 rounds, TyLoo managed to take the lead ’22-20’ and won the match, now up by one in the BO-3 series.

The second match opened with VP winning the pistol round playing CT-side on Inferno. TyLoo replied with a second-round win as Virtus.Pro retaliated by going on a 4 match streak. TyLoo kept trying to close down the lead to no success as VP held the lead ’10-5’ at halftime.

The second pistol round was won by VP following 2 more rounds after which TyLoo tightened their gameplay and started the grind towards a comeback by winning 4 in-a-row only to falter at the hands of ‘byali’. VP closed the match soon after with the score reading ’16-9’ taking the BO-3 series to a do-or-die match

The third match of the series lived up to the reputation of being a well deserving do-or-die match as audiences witnessed 40 rounds being played on Cache. The pistol round was won by TyLoo only to lose the next three rounds giving VP a ‘3-1’ lead. Following rounds were evenly exchanged with both the teams struggling economically as TyLoo brushed past the Russians to lead the score ‘8-7’ at halftime.

The second pistol round was won by TyLoo with VP executing a couple of perfect plays to even out the score at ’10-10’. From here on out both the teams went neck-to-neck negating any lead being taken by the other driving the match to overtime, yet again.

The first overtime was again an even break, however, TyLoo managed to win 4 rounds in a row during the second overtime to win the match ’22-18’ and the BO-3 series ‘2-1’.

Day-4 came to an end with TyLoo defeating Virtus.Pro in a hard-fought BO-3 series which witnessed a staggering 107 rounds being played. TyLoo won the series ‘2-1’ becoming the first finalist of the tournament while VP was eliminated. This was by far the most exciting BO-3 series of the tournament. Hope to see something similar tomorrow as NRG and Gambit prepare to take on each other in the second semifinal of IEM Shanghai 2018.



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