IceFrog Tweets About Dota 2 Patches

Nishant Patel

1st, Feb, 2018
Nearly five months after his last update via Twitter, IceFrog himself has spoken again! Through two tweets, the frog has announced that going forward, Valve will release small patches every two weeks on Thursdays as opposed to sporadic large patches as was the case so far.

While it's too soon to jump to conclusions, we're definitely going to miss waiting in anticipation for those monumental post event changes to the game. However having a confirmed bi monthly patch day to look forward to adds a layer of excitement

In game notifications are about to get an upgrade as well. Previously, re visiting the official changelog on the Dota 2 website was the only way to keep track of changes. With minor, periodic changes due to be pushed every two weeks, an in-game notification that indicates each week's changes sounds like a much needed quality of life upgrade to the game.


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