Humans vs OpenAI - Showmatch Announced

Vignesh Raghuram

19th, Jul, 2018

Image Courtesy: OpenAI

Over 2 months ago, Elon Musk backed ‘OpenAI’ released information about their progress on having their bots play a 5v5 match. They also announced that they were once again bringing the technology to The International.

But it looks like they’re making one more stop against ‘99.95th-percentile Dota players’ including players like William "Blitz" Lee, Austin "Capitalist" Walsh, Ioannis "Fogged" Loucas, and Ben "Merlini" Wu.

OpenAI is hoping to pit the bot against good players and prove that it is competent before it faces the best of the best at The International 8. OpenAI also announced that they’re removing some of the restrictions it had initially placed on the game including wards, invisibility, taking Roshan, and the forced mirror matchups which were the biggest gripes that the /r/dota2 community had with the initial 5v5 announcement.


But there are still some other restrictions
  • No Summons/Illusions

  • No Divine Rapier, Bottle, Quelling Blade, Boots of Travel, Tome of Knowledge, Infused Raindrop

  • No Scans

  • A Hero Pool of 18 Heroes in Random Draft


The BO3 show-match will be played on August 5th at 02:30 AM IST | 05:00 AM SGT and will be cast by Kevin "Purge" Godec and Owen "ODPixel" Davies. So do tune in to watch whether the Skynet revolution kicks off here. Or if the humans can still stand strong.


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