haiVaan and Antidote release their statements regarding the forsaken incident

Nishant Patel

1st, Nov, 2018
Shortly after Marzil spoke up regarding the forsaken fiasco, his former teammates at OpTic India - HaiVaan and Antidote have spoken out too. Both statements started off with an apology to the community and / or fans and supporters of the team.

Through a tweet and a reddit post titled ‘About forsaken incident and my future’, Vishal ‘Haivaan’ Sharma has apologized to the community and denied allegations about having knowledge of forsaken’s use of cheats while signed by OpTic India.

All the hate by the community is justified given what happened,but i would like to let you guys know that all the team members, organisation and the people related to the team were NOT aware about his hacking.

Elsewhere, through a statement provided to TalkEsport, Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose mentions that the hate that him and the rest of the players received was unjustified and that the community that he loves has let him down by targeting his mother’s social media account to vent their frustration and sorrow.

“The hate that I and the rest of the players received was unjustified but bearable, given the situation. But, when the hate comments trickle down to the family members, in my case my beloved mother, it becomes a pill that is hard to swallow. I love the community but it shames me to say that it let me down when it began targeting my Mother’s social media account to vent their frustration and sorrow.”

Antidote also goes on to clarify that OpTic India, SoStronk, the various tournament organisers and teammates did not know that forsaken was using cheats while competing with the team.

Looking back on it, I can just say that he managed to fool Optic India, Sostronk, the various tournament organizers, and his teammates as well.”

Both players’ statements talk about nearly being overcome by rage when forsaken was caught using cheats on the main stage of ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018. Their denial of allegations echoes the comments made by forsaken in his own statement and OpTic Gaming’s International Development Director – Jesal Parekh.
Since the incident, Marzil has announced that he isn’t joining a new team yet, Antidote has joined 2ez Gaming, Haivaan is currently looking for a team and forsaken has been handed bans by ESIC and the Asia Pro League.
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