Group Stage Day 1: VP stutter for the first time

Vignesh Raghuram

16o, Aug, 2018

The final set of matches in Group B saw some very intense games and a few shockers which rounded off the group for the day.



VP vs Serenity: Team Serenity pulls off a Huge Upset

VP started off the series strong with a dominant laning phase thanks to RodJer’s Chen who won them almost all their lanes. With the entire VP roster getting a large advantage from the early game, the Serenity squad was unable to find their opportunities for a comeback. After a very aggressive push into Serenity’s base, VP wiped the enemy team, picking up a dominant 22 minute win, with Serenity only grabbing ten kills.

In game two, Serenity switched things up a bit and grabbed some strong lane picks in Ursa, Lina and Crystal Maiden. Some misplays from VP allowed Serenity to jump out to a five kill lead by the eight-minute mark. ZinQ displayed some masterful teamfighting on Ursa throughout the mid game, slowly allowing Serenity to grow their lead. With Zhizhizhi’s PL looking untouchable, it only took a few fights for Serenity to break open VP’s base and tie up the series.
Team Secret vs VGJ.Storm: NA Strikes Back

VGJ.Storm started off pretty strong, getting themselves a nice early game lead. Despite Ace handily winning the Midlane, Secret was unable to push through and secure objectives. VGJ.Storm did an excellent job of just holding off their enemies as they began to catch up a bit in gold. A few key mistakes continued to happen on the side of Secret, preventing them from finishing out the game despite such a large advantage. Eventually, VGJ.Storm’s cores became quite unkillable. In the do-or-die moment, VGJ.Storm took a very convincing fight and properly utilized their numbers advantage to take the lead in a comeback game one win.


Game two showed a lot more action, as well as more parity in the early game. Both teams were able to make plays on different parts of the map. As the mid game came around, it seemed Team Secret was unable to find engages they wanted to take, allowing VGJ.Storm to farm up their Spectre. Resolut1on slowly became nay unkillable as he put up 10/1/21 scoreline to roll over Team Secret in a 41 Minute win.


VG vs TNC: 2nd straight loss for Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming stumbled to their second straight loss in the group as TNC showed up in spectacular fashion to take the win. The SEA side took a convincing victory in game 1, as they rolled over VG, not allowing their Spectre to come online. Their deathball involving a DK and Mirana allowed them to take early towers and safely disengage from fights as they built up a networth advantage that allowed them to siege highground. By 26 minutes VG were too far behind to hold onto their base and called the gg. 
In the second game, VG took the kill lead, using their Elder Titan to great effect. But TNC still kept the farm up and managed to keep their cores alive keeping them in the game. Without the best tools for sieging, VG found it hard to go for the jugular allowing Raven’s Timbersaw and Armel’s Shadowfiend to reach critical mass. At this point fights started going TNC’s way convincingly as the burst damage became too much for the Chinese team to deal with. VG were left stranded in their base and slowly but surely, TNC outclassed them to take the win 67 minutes in. A classic example of what TNC are capable of and how difficult they can be on LAN.
Pain Gaming vs Newbee: Brazilian Dota show that they are no pushovers

Newbee moved up to the top position along with VP in Group B but a draw against Pain Gaming was certainly not the result they would have wanted. They made game 1 very uncomfortable for Newbee before Moogy’s Spectre was able to clinch the win in the late game.Game 2 was the w33 show from top to bottom as the midlaner brought out one of his signature heroes and styled all over Newbee. With an Enigma, Invoker and Wyvern on Pain, the single target heavy Newbee lineup were controlled and brought down and the Brazilians gained a sizeable advantage. Blink, BKB, Refresher and Linkens Sphere on Enigma meant that Newbee had little hope of winning team fights and called the gg. A good start from Pain Gaming who could well live up to the dark horse tag in this tournament.