GOSU fail to beat MVP as Renegades scratch past Grayhound at the IEM Katowice 2019 - Asia Minors

Aditya Singh Rawat

22nd, Jan, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Team MVP

The IEM Katowice 2019 – Asia Minor started off today with some really competitive match-ups taking place in the second half of the day. The opening matches were decent with all the predicted winners moving forward to play in the Winner’s Match-up. 

This is where the real competition brewed, as everyone witnessed the Australian derby take place between Renegades and Grayhound in Group-A. While the classic Korean rivalry involving MVP.PK and GOSU took the centre stage in Group-B.

Group – A

The day opened with two games taking place simultaneously. The first game between Renegades and the Middle-East representatives Aequus was a one-sided affair which observed Renegades run away with a victory on Inferno. The second game observed CyberZen put up a fierce fight on Overpass against Grayhound but the Australians proved to be quite a challenge, moving past them to face-off against Renegades in the Winner’s Match-up.

Australian Affair

The two Australian powerhouses clashed against each other, as expected. The hustle was captivating as the two struggled to overcome each other on Cache, the fight was close but Renegades were able to close out on the map on the back of some clutch wins coming late into the match.

Jkaem was simply outstanding but the limp in the Renegades side was Gratisfaction who held the lowest overall rating, including the Grayhound line-up. 

Looking for a comeback into the series Grayhound struck hard and fast. Although Renegades were shaken up by a few unexpected plays they recovered well after halftime forcing overtime. 

Both the old-time veterans AZR and Jks took the driver's seat to steer Renegades to another victory on Mirage attaining the highest overall ratings for the match. 

The dispute between the two teams from the land down under settles for now as Renegades qualify onto the Playoffs while Grayhound moves onto the Decider Match-up.

Group – B

Both the Korean teams GOSU and MVP.PK won their respective opening matches against ViCi Gaming and Beyond Esports. GOSU were leading comfortably against ViCi on Inferno until the Chinese put up a solid fight during the very end of the match, a valiant effort but not a successful one as GOSU took the win. MVP, on the other hand, won their match quite easily on Mirage against Beyond Esports.

Korean Drama Unfolds In Katowice

GOSU who had lost to MVP.PK on multiple occasions last year including the qualifiers for WESG 2018, ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018 and ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 were on a lookout for revenge and what better place than a LAN event.

GOSU started off really well on Mirage but MVP stayed strong and made a phenomenal comeback in the middle of the second half to take the win. The 18-year-old rifler, SeokE from GOSU was big trouble for MVP stepping up to veterans like XigN, zeff and glow without any fear. But the trio of Jinx, Lakia and stax were not up to their mark which led to GOSU crumbling as MVP gained momentum.

Hsk was impressive with his AWPing skills but it was his ability to read the situation that led to an eco-round win, as he saved the AWP in four consecutive rounds.

The following match took place on Nuke where GOSU was no match for the accurate and sharp plays executed by MVP. Most Asian teams are used to maps which offer advantage towards a generic pug style of playmaking but Nuke is very different, a team cannot approach it in a similar manner and this is what MVP takes advantage of. They already possess the experience of veterans that have been playing since 15+ years and have quite a solid grip around it when compared to other Asian teams.

With this, GOSU move ahead to play in the decider Match-up as MVP cement their spot within the Playoffs.

Stay tuned as we have the Elimination Match-ups taking place tomorrow 1430 Hrs. onwards, followed by the Decider Match-ups starting from 1730 Hrs. 

  • Aequus vs CyberZen – 14:30 

  • ViCi vs Beyond – 14:50 

  • Grayhound vs (Winner of Aequss vs CyberZen) – 18:00 

  • GOSU vs (WInner of ViCi vs Beyond) – 17:30

The matches can be streamed live by clicking HERE.


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