Global eSports announces their Dota 2 squad

Shounak Sengupta

23rd, Apr, 2019

Cover image source : @ESL India

Global eSports have decided to test the waters of Dota 2, revealing a full 5 man roster that will represent them in future events. The roster comprises of familiar names, including 3 players from the ROG Titans lineup. Global eSports are one of the newest members in the Indian Esports scene but have grown rapidly, fielding rosters in CS:GO, PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends and now Dota 2.


The side will be captained by Omkar ‘Pasoll’ Urunkar, the only person to have ever led an Indian side that looked like it could have threatened Signify. Joining him will be former Aggressive 5 teammate and experienced offlaner Darshan ‘A35’ Bata. A35 has also brought along Akshay ‘zxc’ Dhodi and Ketan ‘Evil-Ash’ Goyal from the ROG Titans to the Global eSports lineup. Completing the team will be Sahil ‘Micro’ Viradia, a relatively new name, but one that has been on a few Indian rosters of late.


Akshay ‘zxc’ Dhodi

Sahil ‘Micro’ Viradia

Darshan ‘A35’ Bata

Ketan ‘Evil-Ash’ Goyal

Omkar ‘Pasoll’ Urunkar


When asked about their reasons for getting into the Dota scene and choice of players, this is what GE had to say :


“In India the three most popular games are CS, Dota 2 and PUBG which is why as an organization we have chosen to cover and ensure we have prominent teams in all these games, Dota 2 was the only one which was pending and we've filled that lacuna today. Dota 2 is close to our hearts as both the founders of GE used to play Dota in a lot of Lan tournaments and the launch of Global eSports happened with a Dota 2 TI7 Pubstomp.


Internationally Global eSports already has established teams in titles like Overwatch, Apex Legends and Fortnite with our teams competing in global tournaments being among the top ranked teams, most of our players play out of our 3 floor Korean Boot camp & Training Facility.


We are looking to bring the same esports ethics to India since there is an abundance of talent in India to compete not only locally but also internationally. With CS, Dota 2 and PUBG we hope to take the SEA scene by storm and build our players up as superstars in their own right.


As for the players we chose, PasoLL is by far the one of the most experienced and talented veterans. A35, Zxc and Evil-Ash have built outstanding synergy and been playing together for the course of the last year. And Micro's by far the biggest potential talent we've come across and with the right guidance, coaching and knowledge transfer, we're hoping our boys are gonna take the South East Asian scene by storm!" - Rahul Hinduja, Chief Operations Officer, Global eSports


The Global eSports team will be in action at the Summer phase of the ESL India Premiership, which will kick off soon.


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