Gfreak’s Peek: The Playoffs are here

Vignesh Raghuram

25o, May, 2018
Image Credits: ESL

So about yesterday... Team Liquid threw, AGAIN!! Their play yesterday was cocky, uncoordinated and frankly just bad, considering the opposition they faced. They made several poor decisions whereas paiN Gaming grew from strength to strength and used hFn, W33ha and the MVP of Day 2, KingRD spectacularly to deny 99% of the predictors.

The rest of the matches went well, just as expected. Fnatic Won, Virtus.Pro dominated, and Mineski closed out their series 2-0. So how does today’s bracket shape up, and who should win the two matches scheduled.
Fnatic vs OG

Again, OG is notoriously hard to predict. One day, they play like superstars excelling in every single position and executing their drafts perfectly and smoothly. The next day they whimper home with two quick losses to Virtus.Pro and OpTic Gaming. So which OG will turn up today? I really don’t know.

On the other hand, Fnatic has become far more predictable. They lose against teams that are stronger than them (Virtus.Pro) and beat teams weaker than them (Evil Geniuses, and Team Spirit). But the problem lies there. We don’t know if Fnatic is weaker or stronger than OG.

Hence this is mostly just a hunch. I think Fnatic have an edge over OG considering their run at GESC: Thailand and this Major. They’ve only lost to VGJ.Storm (Who I’d rate as a Top 3 team right now) and Virtus.Pro (The best in the world). Fnatic has more than enough ammunition to beat OG but will it hit the enemies, or will it friendly fire is the only question.

My Advice: 1 Token on Fnatic
Mineski vs paiN Gaming

Two days ago, I’d have asked you to bet a dozen tokens on Mineski because it is going to be a stomp in the favor of the SEA team. However, things have changed since then. paiN Gaming has shown that they are capable of playing extremely high-level Dota and knockout opponents like Team Liquid.

This brings us to the question, Can Mineski put away with the rising SA threat? I think they have a great shot thanks to iceiceice and Jabz. While paiN managed to keep MinD_ContRoL under control, iceiceice is an entirely different beast when it comes to sheer mental manipulation and laning pressure he exerts with his plays on the offlane. Add to that the fact that Jabz has been playing out of his mind this whole series, you can see why we would lean toward Mineski.

But, it feels like paiN has this kind of aura. This ‘Plucky underdog’ aura that makes me believe that they will beat Mineski in this series and move on to the next round, making it extremely hard for predictors. Hence, I am just going to abstain from this match and enjoy some good Dota.

My Advice: Abstain