Gfreak's Peek: The Grand Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

27th, May, 2018

*Cover Image source: @ESLDota2

Today we will see the most important match of the year excluding TI for the NA scene. The OpTic Gaming vs VP game has a lot riding on it, if OpTic manage to squeeze out a win, they most likely seal an invite to TI as well as qualification spots for EG and VGJ.Storm.

This match is either going to tell us a lot, or nothing at all. Excluding bets, predictions and all the other crap, I am super excited for today. I am hoping for some action-packed, quality Dota 2 and I'm sure you are all hoping for the same.

Oh and we also have a 3rd place match between Fnatic and paiN Gaming.


Virtus.Pro vs OpTic Gaming

VP are under no pressure coming into this Grand Finals, as they firmly stand first in the DPC points table with a TI8 invite secured. I doubt they have been doing too much preparation for this event (atleast compared on the other teams).

I expect VP to beat OpTic 3-0 or 3-1, just because I think they are on another level compared to OpTic at the moment. Even if 33 and CCNC continue with heir spectacular form, I doubt they can take on VP’s well oiled machine hoping to secure a 3rd Mercedes for themselves.

The only way I see the NA team winning is via 3 complete outdrafts by ppd. And let's face it, that ain't happening under Solo and Artstyle’s eyes.


My Advice: All in on Virtus.Pro



Fnatic vs paiN Gaming


Fnatic must be sorely disappointed after they barely missed out on a Top 8 berth in the DPC table, thanks to their loss in the semifinals. They now have to return to the arena to play out their final match against paiN Gaming who looked like the underdog story of the season before being shutdown by VP.

Frankly 3rd place games are hard/unreliable to predict as either team might go for meme picks and test out strategies as there are no repercussions if they joke around in game (*cough* lol *cough*). Hence, it is better to abstain from this matchup.

However, if both teams did play seriously I’d give Fnatic the edge considering that their playstyle meshes will against the Brazilians.

My Advice: Abstain



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