Gfreak's Peek: The Final day of MDL Changsha Major

Vignesh Raghuram

19th, May, 2018
Image Courtesy: Mars Media

Finally, it’s all coming to a close. The MDL Changsha Major which has provided with several great games will conclude tomorrow with a BO3 Lower Bracket finals followed by a BO5 Grand Finals. All 3 teams remaining, fully deserve to be there, considering the high level plays they have consistently pulled off in this tournament.

The Prediction Tokens for this week will expire on May 22, 08:30 PM IST | 11:00 PM SGT. The ESL One: Birmingham only kicks off on the 23rd of May. So no matter what, be sure to spend all your tokens today.


PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming

Straight out of the bat, I wanna say that I think PSG.LGD has the edge in this particular matchup considering the momentum they’ve built for themselves by virtue of their lower bracket run which has seen them take down 4 teams: IG.Vitality, TNC Predator, Team Secret, and lastly Newbee. They’ve only dropped a single game in this run. I can see them going on to face VGJ.Thunder in the Grand Finals if they managed to draft and play intelligently.

Vici Gaming, on the other hand, looked dominant in the group stages. But, I can’t help but feel that certain chinks in their armor were exposed by Mineski and VGJ.Thunder which PSG.LGD is certain to exploit.

My Advice: All in on PSG.LGD. I’ll give my explanation below.
The Grand Finals

I think VGJ.Storm is the most in-form team in the world atm, they’ve been stellar in the past two tournaments in the DPC. Their team looks like they understand the meta perfectly, which allows them to dominate games and never giving the opponents any space to build any sort of momentum. They should rightly be the favourites for most people.

But, I think Vici Gaming or PSG.LGD (in particular) just have far more experience at this stage. That coupled with Ame and Fy’s form will make PSG.LGD the favorites in this matchup. If it is Vici Gaming who ends up making it, I think VGJ.Storm have the advantage.

There are just way too many variables, and Grand Final matchups are usually quite unpredictable. I’d advice you to go ‘All in’ on the lower bracket match.


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