Getting up to speed with MVP PK before the COBX Masters

Aditya Singh Rawat

4o, Apr, 2019

Today's episode of ‘MewMents with Catslayer’ features the Korean powerhouse - MVP PK.

The best CS:GO team from South Korea has been directly invited for the COBX Masters the main event of which starts tomorrow. The organization underwent a heavy roster shuffle recently and has witnessed a phenomenal rise in their performance, having qualified for both IEM Sydney and the ESL Pro League Season 9 - Asia Finals.

Amidst their packed schedule, we was able to get through to Pyeon ‘termi’ Seon-ho, the coach of MVP PK, who shared some thoughts with us. This is what we talked about.

What is the daily schedule of an MVP PK player like?

12:00 Wake-up and have breakfast

13:00~17:00 TeamTalk and scrim

17:00~18:00 Have some lunch and rest

18:00~23:00 Scriming and forming various team strategy

23:00~ Have dinner and done for the day


Where is the training facility located? At what places does the team usually boot camp?

There is an accommodation out of which MVP PK operates. We live and work together in a spacious apartment. There are many things around here and the place is in great condition for the players to concentrate on the game.

When catching a break from training what activities does the team indulge in?
We practice 5-6 days a week, relax on weekends and take a few days off after a big event ends.

Describe each player of your team in one sentence.

It is a very difficult question. Every player is really good, so it is difficult to judge them in a single sentence.

What was the reason behind Solo and glow’s departure? How did the organization feel about losing two of its founding players?

There were many reasons and they cannot be explained in detail, but obviously, the team needed a change for a better future.

How does the new, younger line-up differ from its former roster?

The team's firepower has substantially increased. The new players are passionate and gave the team a much-needed boost.

How well are the trio of HSK, Jinx & stax settling down?

It's very positive but we are still trying various things internally.


In what ways do you think the SEA teams lag behind their Chinese counterparts? Or do you think both the regions have equally talented teams to offer? 

There are many teams in the SEA region and some of them are really talented. We don't think the SEA teams are much different from the Chinese teams.

How is the team preparing for the upcoming events? What are the team's expectations going into these events?

We participated in the event to win and are now focusing on training for the Cobx Masters.

Describe the CounterStrike scene in South Korea? How does the game continue to thrive despite the region being so heavily influenced by other gaming titles such as LOL, Overwatch and a bunch of Arcade games?

Unfortunately, CS is not popular in Korea. CS has a long history and is a great game, but it is not popular in Korea. Maybe it's because of the difficulty of the game.

Is this the team's first time coming to India? Any preconceived notions that the team is worried about?

We are going to India for the first time. India is a big country and we have expectations about India, also I have no preconceived notions.

What are you most excited about for your trip to India? Will you guys be going around the city of Mumbai?

India is a country with a long history. We are very excited to come to India. If we can take a day off we would like to travel around the city of Mumbai.

How are the preparations for the upcoming Cobx Masters coming along? Is the team doing anything special for the event?

The preparations are going well, and our team is only focusing on the COBX Masters.

Which team do you guys think will be the biggest threat for MVP PK at the event?

Grayhound will definitely be a tough opponent. They are one of the many powerful teams in Asia.

Are you all looking forward to trying some Indian cuisine? Anything specific on the menu?

Indian curry is very famous in Korea, we do not know if Indian curry and Korean curry are the same, but we want to try the original Indian curry

Are you guys friends with any of the Indian players? Have you ever played against an Indian team before?

Stax said that he is friends with Ace and we have played with Entity and ex- Optic India.

What do you guys think about the Group Stage format? Do you think that the Indian teams can cause an upset?

I think the group stage format is okay. It does not matter whether the team is Indian from SEA or Korean, a qualified team will be the one who will come out on top as the winner.

Dream tournament that you have always wanted to be a part of?

Zeff : BLAST PRO Series

Hsk : CS:GO Major

XigN : CS:GO Major - Playoff

Xeta : CS:GO Major hosted by IEM



What would be the perfect holiday or vacation for you?

Zeff : Deep sleeping.

Hsk : Sleeping and travel.

XigN : Just rest with the girlfriend and relax.

Xeta : Sleep for a long time, watch a movie along with some competitive CS:GO

Stax : Eat food while watching YouTube.

If you would have been a streamer which game would you have liked to stream?

Zeff : Apex Legend.

Hsk : Path of Exile.

XigN : Dota 2.

Xeta : League of Legends.

Stax : Any FPS game.

Given a chance to create an all-star team, which players would have featured in your team?


Zeff : device , glave , dupreeh , magisk , xyp9x

Hsk : xign , stax , xyp9x glave device

XigN : s1mple , niko , dupreeh , magisk , glave

Xeta : JW , Lobanjica , K1to , Olofmeister , Pashabiceps

Stax : krimz , fallen , dupreeh , twistzz , magisk

What has been your most memorable CounterStrike moment so far? 

Zeff : when Hsk came back MVP

Hsk : When we won the CAC tournament.

XigN : WESG 2017 - Global Finals

Xeta : When we won against VP at the Zotac Masters tournament.

Stax : The day I became a part of MVP.

Going all the way back in time, what was your first ever MM rank?

Zeff : Legendary eagle

Hsk : Master Guardian

XigN : Legendary Eagle Master

Xeta : Master Guardian Elite

Stax : Gold Nova 1

It was great conversing with the players of MVP PK. This is it for now, until next time this is Catslayer signing off. Peace guys!


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