GESC Thailand and MDL Changsha SEA Qualifiers update

Shounak Sengupta

19th, Apr, 2018

3 SEA Qualifiers are currently underway, namely, MDL Changsha, GESC Thailand and ESL One Birmingham. All the qualifiers have a similar storyline with the tier 2 teams like Execration, Geek Fam and Clutch Gamers trying to prove themselves versus the big dogs, Fnatic and TNC.


Let’s take a look at how things went down today.

GESC Thailand: Fnatic eliminate CG to set up date with TNC in the finals

The GESC quals featured only a single bo3, with CG going up against Fnatic. CG drafted an Anti Mage for AhJit while giving vtFaded his comfort DP pick. On the other side, Universe was seen on his signature Dark Seer while EE picked up the Morphling for himself. Abed’s SF was pressured quite a bit on the mid lane by Clockwerk and had a rocky start. But this freed up the other two lanes for Fnatic and they took advantage of the fact. Despite AhJit leading the networth chart for much of the game, all of Fnatic’s heroes had a good amount of farm to take the fights. This came of use in the mid game, when CG’s supports were repeatedly killed off by Fnatic giving them a significant lead. The Fnatic late game was much stronger and EE’s Morphling became a nightmare for CG to deal with and they could never really take teamfights as their base crumbled after Fnatic found key teamfights.


In game 2 Abed, crushed the midlane on his PL with help from DJ’s Earth Spirit and there was no looking back as the young prodigy just took control of the game from there on out. CG were unable to pressure Fnatic when EE’s ultimate was down on his DP and they were unable to take fights when it was up making it a very one sided game. Backed by Universe’s sustain from the Underlord, Abed just went on a spree, bringing down enemy heroes and ended the game with a 14/1/14 scoreline by the 31 minute mark.


With this, Fnatic move onto the grand finals, where they will now face TNC Predator in a bo5 for a chance to play at the GESC: Thailand Minor.

MDL Changsha: Brackets are set

In the MDL Changsha SEA Qualifiers, the group stages came to an end and the playoff brackets have now been decided. TNC took top spot in Group A taking two quick 2-0’s over Neon and then Execration to take the first semi-final spot. In group B, it was Fnatic who took the top seed, beating 2-0 and then Clutch Gamers 2-1. They take the second semi-final spot. Just like GESC, this qualifier too seems as if it will be decided via a TNC vs Fnatic showdown in the grand finals.


In Group A, BOOM ID managed to finish to second despite having conceded their first series against Execration. They took down Neon as well as Execration to achieve the feat. This means that BOOM ID, now get to start off in the quarter finals. In Group B we saw forfeit their games and drop out of the qualifiers entirely and this allowed Geek Fam to take a 2-1 series over Clutch Gamers.

  Clipped from Liquepedia

This now means that CG will be facing Neon in the first round, while Execrationhave moved onto to the semi final against Geek Fam thanks to dropping out.



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