?GESC Indonesia Minor: Infamous and Fnatic finish the group stages with wins

Shounak Sengupta

16th, Mar, 2018
*Cover Image source: Liquepedia

Peruvian side, Infamous got back at Na`vi in Group A, avenging their first round loss to get a direct seed in the semi finals. The victory, has definitely been the upset of the tournament up until this point and puts Infamous in a good position to advance.
They came into the match on a high having destroyed RRQ earlier in the day. The South Americans got their hands on their comfort picks in the Viper and the Morphling while Dendi looked badly out of shape on his Gyrocopter. The early game went to Infamous who ganked Dendi multiple times and applied a lot of pressure on General. Crystallize tried to even things out in the mid game with some spectacular plays with his Void, but Infamous’s carry player was not to be outdone, making some really good plays on his Morphling as well.
Na`vi had no answers for the lategame and with their entire damage being physical, Omniknight’s ultimate was always a deterence. The Morphling too was doing way too much damage in the team fights and bringing down people too quickly for Na`vi to react.
Infamous finished 2nd in their group and were seeded directly in the semi finals.

Elsewhere, Fnatic got themselves an easy win over the Final Tribe, to finish second in Group B. The offlane Centaur pick coming out of the Swedes didn’t really have a lot of impact as Envy on the Lifestealer kept killing him. Fnatic never really lost control of the game, finishing it off when they were ready before the enemy PL could get too farmed.
Fnatic finish second in Group B and are also seeded directly in the semi finals.

Na`vi will play DC and The Final Tribe go up against RRQ in round 1 of the playoffs tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the coverage


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