FrostFire dominate OpTic India in their opening match at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

18o, Oct, 2018

Today marks the start of the much anticipated and heavily competitive, ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018. The 15 qualified teams will be playing against each other as per the decided match-ups, followed by another set of matches held between the winners of the initial round.

Till now we have witnessed the first 6 matches being played out, amongst which the standout match-up for the day was the recently concluded game between OpTic India and FrostFire. 

OpTic India vs FrostFire 

The two teams locked horns on Nuke where OpTic are known to be quite formidable especially playing the map CT-sided but this time around OpTic just couldn’t bring their A game.

The collapse started right from the first-round onwards with OpTic dropping the pistol round and although they tried to recover, it just seemed like a distant shot as acAp turned around a 1v3 clutch followed by an ace. 

Forsaken was the only player from OpTic India who held a positive KDR apart from whom the whole team was struggling with both their positioning and their aim. FrostFire, on the other hand, was having a ball of a time, constantly denying them a positive exchange while outplaying them on multiple occasions.

The second half was no good as FrostFire kept punching hard round after round, now high on both confidence and lead. OpTic managing to win just one round in the second half crumbled against the might of the Malaysian powerhouse, as FrostFire defeated OpTic India without facing much resistance with a score of ‘16-6’.

Other matches were also really interesting with most of them going as predicted by everyone. Here is a quick update on them. 

Group - A

The Chinese team 5Power stomped past D13 on Inferno with an overwhelming performance that clearly displayed the difference in terms of both skill and experience. The scores of '16-3' pushed the Chinese team onto the winner's face-off round.

On the other hand, NASR, the middle east representatives took down SZ Absolute on Dust 2. Where the game was pretty much over in the first half itself, as NASR won with the score of '16-6'.

Group B

The opening game for the group witnessed Chiefs sinking Sad Story on Mirage with a formidable performance. Sad Story stood no chance against the discipline with which the Australians executed their plays, taking them down with a score of '16-3'.

The following game took place on Train where Flash was too tough to handle for Beyond who broke down without putting up much of a fight with the scoreboard reading ‘16-3’.

Group C 

The first match to take place within the group was held between MVP PK and Revolution on Nuke. With MVP predicted to be the obvious winners of the match-up, they held the predictions true and took down their opponents with a score of ‘16-3’.

The other match for the group between OpTic India and FrostFire has already been discussed above.

With half the matches scheduled to take place on the first day coming to an end, we have witnessed some heavily one-sided match-ups. This is sure to change in the second set of matches which will witness the winning teams going up against each other.

So stay tuned with us as we bring you more updates as soon as the other matches are done with.

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