FrostFire are through to the quarterfinals of the IeSF World Championship 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

10th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: FrostFire

The second day of the IeSF World Championship 2018 has started off with the Playoffs between the teams that have managed to qualify through the Group Stage.

One of the very first matches to take place was between FrostFire and Vilay Esports. The BO3 series was short and pretty one-sided which witnessed the Malaysian powerhouse, FrostFire moving on to the Quarterfinals.

Road To Playoffs

FrostFire, the Malaysian representatives were part of Group – G where they ended up on top of the points table as predicted by everyone. There was no other team within the group that were close enough in terms of both skill and experience. 

Vilay Esports, on the other hand, was amongst the two bigger groups that consisted of 4 teams each. Finishing as the runners up of Group – B, Vilay played well making it into the Playoffs.

Round Of 16

FrostFire faced off against Vilay Esports on Train followed by Cache, taking them down on both these occasions with scores of ’16-8’ & ‘16-11’, respectively. 

Playing as T-sided on Train, FrostFire faced a lot of resistance from Vilay who did well to limit the damage but as soon as the sides switched, FrostFire came out with the big plays that shut Vilay down nice and easy. Losing the first match surely put Vilay under a lot of pressure. 

Vilay implemented a few changes in its playstyle on Cache where they took a solid start playing T-sided but FrostFire were quick to adapt and evened out the playing field in no time. Again, executing some really effective plays in the second half, FrostFire took the match away from Vilay.

Taking the victory with a series score of ‘2-0’FrostFire moves on to the Quarterfinals whereas Vilay Esports reach the end of their short but beautiful journey in the IeSF World Championship 2018.


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