Forward Gaming marches on to setup a showdown against Evil Geniuses

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, Nov, 2018

Cheesy strategies are part and parcels of BO1 series. Just yesterday, we saw TNC Predator break out their Huskar strategy and successfully use it against paiN Gaming to eliminate them. But they look silly when the execution is not perfect. That is exactly what went down in the final match of the day when Forward Gaming took on Gambit Esports.



Forward Gaming vs Gambit Esports


Gambit Esports drafted themselves a Mid Dazzle for Afroninje and completely won all three lanes in the laning phase. The Dazzle did ridiculous amounts of Damage which they completely utilized to take multiple structures paving their way towards a win. They secured an Aegis for Afroninje without Forward Gaming contesting and looked like they were going to inflict critical damage on the NA team’s base.

However, they got caught, split and wasted their Aegis. Fantastic initiations from MSS on the Centaur Warrunner, backed up by the ridiculous amount of Magic Damage that Universe was dishing out meant that Gambit Esports could never really get their footing back into the game.

The game ended in a Forward Gaming victory after just over 47 minutes, with the win hardly ever in doubt after the NA team secured a Refresher Shard on Resolut1on’s Faceless Void.


With this victory, Forward Gaming will now move on to face Evil Geniuses in what should be a cracking Lower Bracket game.



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