Former Na’Vi star Funn1k’s Aachen City Esports is the 6th and final Dota 2 team for COBX Masters

Shounak Sengupta

26th, Mar, 2019

Cover image source: VP Esports

Earlier today, COBX announced the final Dota 2 team for the COBX Masters LAN, and it is one that most people could not have expected. The 6th team who will be competing at the LAN will be former Na’Vi offlaner’s stack Aachen City Esports.

The 26-year old former TI finalist was once infamous for his plays from the offlane, stamping his name on heroes like Batrider, Bounty Hunter and Clinkz. However, it has been a while since Funn1k has competed on the highest level and it will certainly be interesting to see what his squad brings to the table. 


We are currently unable to confirm what the roster will be but it seems like Funn1k has teamed up with recognizable CIS names such as Undershock and sQreen in Aachen City Esports.

Interesting to note that Funn1k will be playing against his former teammate Dendi, who is in attendance with Tigers.

The final list of teams who will be attending the LAN are as follows:


Aachen City Esports


Exclamation Mark


Almost There!

COBX Masters will be one of the biggest LANs held in India, featuring a prize pool of $200,000 split evenly between Dota 2 and CS: GO. The LAN will take place from the 5th to the 7th of April at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. A total of 6 teams will be attending the LAN for each title. 


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