Former coach Clairvoyance, accuses NiP and PPD of non payment of dues

Vignesh Raghuram

27o, May, 2019

While the whole world is focussing on the contractual issues between Fortnite Pro: Turner “Tfue” Tenney and FaZe Clan, the Dota 2 world just got its latest fix of contractual drama.

Peter "PPD" Dager and Ninjas in Pyjamas have been accused of not paying their coach, Aaron "Clairvoyance" Kim two months of salary as well as his share of the Dota PIT Minor winnings.

In a long emotional post, Clairvoyance alleges that:

  • PPD promised him 7.5% of the Dota PIT Minor winnings as an incentive. Clairvoyance claims that he attempted to record this agreement, but the recording failed.

  • He tried using the failed recording to coerce PPD into giving him the prize winnings he was owed, but it fell through when PPD asked for the recording which Clairvoyance couldn’t provide.

  • NiP owes him $7000 of salary for two months of coaching the team. He claims that this has been delayed by two months.

  • He slandered PPD behind his back to his teammates and is now going public in a last-ditch effort to guilt PPD into paying him 5% of the Minor winnings, along with the 3,500 USD x 2 months of salary, which is 12~14k USD.

He then dramatically talks about how his life is now falling apart with him being unemployed and admits that he is stressed about him not receiving the money he is owed, without a contract.


After coaching NiP for two months, Clairvoyance recently won the Dota PIT Minor with PPD and Ninjas in Pyjamas, with the team taking home $120,000 as Prize Winnings. However, he was replaced by Pajkatt for the subsequent MDL Disneyland Paris Major.

Previously, Clairvoyance has coached Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, VGJ.Storm and Mineski with relative success.

Neither PPD nor Ninjas in Pyjamas have responded to these claims at the time of writing.