Fnatic through to the top 6 after eliminating Team Liquid

Shounak Sengupta

25th, Jan, 2019

Cover image source: Adela Sznajder | ESL One Birmingham

Fnatic and EG secured themselves a top 6 finish at the Chongqing Major, as VG and Team Liquid find themselves eliminated from the competition. It marks the end of a tumultuous run for Liquid, who faced multiple issues but were still able to finish in top 8.

EG comes back from behind to eliminate VG

Cr1t’s Earth Spirit was too much for VG to cope with as EG took the wins in games 2 and 3. Paparazzi’s Juggernaut snowballed too hard for EG to keep tabs on leading to a one-sided win for the Chinese side. In game 2, Arteezy’s Arc Warden kept VG in tabs while Cr1t’s Earth Spirit created enough chaos in teamfights to allow to EG to come out on top and take a laboured hour-long victory. Game 3 was easier for EG as Ori’s mid Leshrac failed spectacularly, allowing EG to walk all over VG.

Fnatic reign supreme against Liquid

Fnatic found themselves 2 comfortable wins over Liquid, who to be fair have already exceeded expectations at Chongqing. While Liquid had some solid drafts in both games, their team fight synergy and communication were both off and Fnatic exploited this to no end. While MP was making the space in game 1 on his Necrophos in game 1, he carried Fnatic hard in game 2, going 13-0-6 on Juggernaut.


EG now take on Minor Champions, Ehome while Fnatic are up against TI8 finalists, PSG.LGD tomorrow.


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