Fnatic sent packing to the Lower Brackets by surging VP

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, Nov, 2018

Image Courtesy: Fnatic

After a surprise upset by PPD and co. against Evil Geniuses, Virtus Pro took on SEA’s finest, Fnatic in the upper brackets. The series turned out to b quite one-sided as the CIS juggernauts crushed Fnatic in a 2-0 victory, closing out the series in just over 70 Minutes to secure a spot in the next round of the Upper brackets.

Virtus Pro vs Fnatic

Virtus Pro started off strong in game one, dominating the laning stage and winning all three lanes, making Fnatic play from behind for a majority of the match. Fnatic struggled to control the temp of the match, as well as make space for Abed and MP who fell behind by a large margin in the early stages of the game. Virtus Pro started to pull ahead in teamfights as well, taking one tower after the other. In the end, Virtus.Pro won and lead the series 1-0

Game 2 was a lot closer in the early stages. Perhaps it was because Solo played as the safelane Drow Ranger. Nevertheless Virtus.Pro was still ruthless in the other two lanes, destroying Abed and iceiceice in the laning phase. Iceiceice just couldn’t catch up on his Tidehunter as he was being perfectly controlled by RoDjer’s Brewmaster allowing VP to easily win teamfights which lead to them mow down towers thanks to their Alacrity Drow Ranger and secured the series 2-0.


Virtus Pro will now move on to face Ninjas in Pyjamas in the next round of the Upper Brackets, while Fnatic will drop down to the Lower Brackets and face off against the winner of the Team Aster vs J.Storm which is currently ongoing, at the time of writing.



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