Fnatic qualifies for ESL One Birmingham after a grueling series versus TNC

Shounak Sengupta

23rd, Apr, 2018

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Fnatic pulled off a 3-2 win over TNC to qualify for ESL One Birmingham. TNC came into the series, already having taken a bo5 earlier in the day against Fnatic but were unable to achieve the same result.

TNC kicked things into high gear right off the bat with an all-out push strat in game 1 that involved a Lycan, Leshrac and a DK. Fnatic’s lineup didn’t have the best de-push and could only watch as tower after tower fell before they were forced to call the gg at around the 40-minute mark.

Fnatic struck back in game 2 with a lineup that had plenty of lockdown and TNC’s decision to pick up a Sven into Fnatic’s heroes seemed strange to say the least. After a slow start, Fnatic quickly found their groove on the back of Abed, who did much of the heavy lifting.The young mid laner ended the game with 18 kills and 0 deaths and along with Envy’s MK and Universe’s Magnus, the Fnatic side kited Raven’s Sven till day's end.

The long schedule started taking a toll on the teams in game 3 and it was evident as Fnatic completely dropped the ball. Armel’s Leshrac snowballed out of control with a 16 minute Bloodstone and Pieliedie’s 17 deaths on Disruptor helped TNC’s cause further. It was a very messy game overall but TNC persevered to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Abed’s Tiny once again shone in game 4, and pieliedie made up for his earlier game with a solid performance on Warlock. Despite EE slipping up early on, Fnatic played really careful giving up only 12 deaths in a 40-minute game.

Clipped by Fireryman

In game 5, DJ’s position 4 Tuskar enabled Fnatic’s early game to be rock solid and even ended the game with the highest networth. Despite some good farm on TNC’s cores, their side lacked initiation and kept getting zoned by Universe’s Doom in teamfights. TNC always had to take the fights at a disadvantage and Fnatic managed to come out on top ending the series 3-2 in their favour.

With that, all the participants of ESL One Birmingham have been decided:

Virtus Pro (Direct Invite)

Evil Geniuses (Direct Invite)

Newbee (Direct Invite)

Team Liquid (Direct Invite)

Vici Gaming (Direct Invite)

Mineski (Direct Invite)

Natus Vincere (CIS Qualifier)

OG (EU Qualifier)

LFY (China Qualifier)

Fnatic (SEA Qualifier)

Optic Gaming (NA Qualifier)

Pain Gaming (SA Qualifier)


A long and tiring day for both teams that saw both teams qualify for a Major each but Fnatic hold the edge having taken a bo5 earlier in the week for their spot at the GESC Thailand Minor. Both teams continue to fight it out in the last SEA qualifier for this season, the China Dota 2 Super Major, today.


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