Fnatic, North, Mouz & CR4ZY qualify for the playoffs of Europe Minor Championship

Aditya Singh Rawat

19o, Jul, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Fnatic

Following the Americas Minor Championship, even the Europe Minors have reached an end to its group stage with CR4ZY, Mousesports, Fnatic & North making it through to the playoffs.

Cover Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

Walk-In The Park

It was Fnatic dominating Group-B throughout the group stage. The Swedes were unstoppable as they didn't lose a single map while also ensuring that the opposition was not able to reach double digits against them in terms of rounds won.

Image Credit: HLTV

They claimed two easy matches against Team Ancient and North to make their way through to the playoffs.

North > BIG

North made its way through to the playoffs by beating BIG in two encounters, once during the opening match and then again in the eliminator. In both these instances, it was North that prevailed victorious, not slipping a single map to the opposition and securing a ‘3-0’ victory.

It was a really sad performance by the German squad of BIG as they struggled heavily throughout the group stage barely making it through Team Ancient.

A Bit Too Crazy

It was an insane performance by CR4ZY as they surprised everyone by finishing ahead of mouz. Though the two did not face each other in the group stage, everyone had expected mouz to be the group leaders going into the playoffs but it was CR4ZY who defeated both Sprout and NoChance to qualify for the playoffs without dropping a single map.

Tough Road

Mousesports were not their usual selves as they struggled hard but somehow made it through to the playoffs. After facing a defeat against NoChance, they barely made it past Sprout, only to face another eliminator against NoChance.

Again the match went down to a decider before mouz was able to claim the map by taking NoChance down on Nuke. The team is certainly going through a rough patch and needs to sort things out, otherwise, they might just not have it in them to make to the Majors.

With the playoffs starting tomorrow, let’s see which two teams are able to make it through to the Majors. With mouz underperforming, it is tough to say who the second slot is most likely to go to, with Fnatic being the most likely team to qualify for the Majors.