Fnatic move onto the playoffs with a repeat performance versus Na’Vi

Shounak Sengupta

15th, Apr, 2018

*Cover image source: @dotasltv

Day 2 of the Starladder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5, saw 4 teams eliminated as Fnatic and VG.J Thunder moved onto the playoffs from their respective groups.

VG.J Thunder move on from Group A

In Group A FlyToMoon and Kinguin kicked things off in the eliminator. The CIS squad managed to take the series 2-1 over the Polish side, Kinguin. But they were unable to repeat the performance against VG.J Thunder who were next in line. FTM led the lead slip in game 1, as they missed their window despite having a 10k lead at the 40-minute mark. Eventually, Freeze’s Gyrocopter picked up a Rapier and mowed through FTM to take game 1 of the series. In game 2, Thunder went for a 4 protect 1 strat and snowballed out of control as Sylar’s Medusa kept farming and soon hit critical mass. The insane burst coming out of the Puck, Lion, Tiny and Dark Willow caught FTM by surprise as they fed away multiple kills before their cores could pick up BKBs. By then, of course, Sylar was dishing out the damage and Thunder cleaned up house with a 34-minute victory.

Despite dropping a series against Optic Gaming, VG.J Thunder managed to move onto the playoffs where they will face Vega Squadron, the top seeds from Group B.

Fan favourites, Na’Vi knocked out by Fnatic

In Group B, Na’Vi started the day off well, with a quick and clinical display of power against SG e-sports. The series lasted barely 40 minutes as Na’Vi took 2 quick games, showing just how far ahead they are of SG.

In the second series, Na’Vi looked for revenge against Fnatic but were denied the opportunity. Both teams took a game each mostly on the back of a better draft but Fnatic had the edge in the deciding game. Their decision to put Abed on the Visage and pick up an LD for Envy, rendered Crystallize’s PA useless for the most part. Without their carry being able to have an impact, Na’Vi crumbled and was picked off one by one. Fnatic took the series 2-1 and set up a date with Optic Gaming in the semifinals.

The semi-finals kick off later today with the grand finals to follow shortly. Stay tuned for more updates!



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