Fnatic knocked down to the Lower Brackets after a disastrous start to the Epicenter Major

Vignesh Raghuram

23o, Jun, 2019

Fnatic was by far the best SEA team out there for the entirety of the season. But it looks like they’re slumping at the worst time possible. After crashing out in last place at the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, Fnatic continued their slump as they were relegated into the perilous of the BO1 Lower Brackets.

Fnatic came into the tournament as a question mark, having not played in any events after they were eliminated from the previous Major except for the SEA Qualifiers. However, many expected Fnatic to comfortably make it past RNG and paiN Gaming, to make it to the Upper Brackets.

But things did not go according to plan


Fnatic vs RNG


Game one was a one-sided stomp. RNG had a really rocky start. Fnatic cruised to victory on the back of Abed’s impressive Medusa combining with some impressive, aggressive play from the rest of the team.

Game two was a close match between the pair, but RNG had a really rocky start. But several mistakes, including over-extensions from Fnatic’s cores, handed the game on a silver platter to RNG who took full advantage to level the series.

It was almost an all RNG show in the deciding game as Setsu on the OD controlled the pace perfectly. Although he drew even in the laning phase, he turned it up a notch in the Mid-game scoring a number of kills on Abed and snowballed hard to secure an easy victory to push Fnatic down to the loser’s game.

Although they dropped Game 1 against paiN Gaming, they rallied and secured a 2-1 victory to claw their way back into the deciding game on the back of some incredible plays from DJ. paiN showed some flashes late in game one and throughout game two, so going forward they might be a team to keep an eye on.

Fnatic vs RNG


Round 2 of Fnatic and RNG wasn’t as close as the first series.

RNG essentially piled in behind Monet’s Morphling and ran rampant around Fnatic. The game wasn’t even close post the 15-minute mark. It was a pitiless performance from the Chinese team as they showcased their strength.

Game two featured more of the same for Fnatic. They came out a little sluggish after getting utterly destroyed in the previous game, letting RNG score decisive blows early on to essentially run away with the series 2-0.


Fnatic has now been relegated to the lower bracket where they await the last placed team in Group C which features Virtus.Pro, Alliance, Forward Gaming and Vici Gaming. Fnatic really needs to go back to the drawing board to figure out new strategies.

Currently, they’re over-reliant on a very few tried and tested strategies which have slowly gone out of meta over the past months. Perhaps they could take a page out of their SEA brethren TNC Predator and pick up a new coach to refresh their playstyle.