?Fnatic dig deep to qualify for the Starladder iLeague Season 5 Minor

Shounak Sengupta

15th, Mar, 2018
The SEA Qualifiers for the Starladder iLeague Season 5 Minor came to a close with Fnatic emerging victors.
The Qualifiers involved 3 direct invites, TNC, Mineski, Fnatic and OQ winners BOOM ID but ultimately it was EE and the boys who secured their slot at the main event.
Fnatic were already in the finals, with a comfortable 2-0 over BOOM ID and matched up against TNC who had taken down Mineski. TNC are playing much better than they were a few months ago and they showed their strength against Mineski, who on the contrary look slightly worse for the wear. With the series tied, TNC drafted an aggressive lineup of Gyro and Lycan, forcing out a gg in 25 minutes from Mineski.
In the finals, TNC took game 1 in a similar fashion converting their laning phase victories to objectives and eventually the game. A 30 minute game with Fnatic getting shut down completely.
In game 2, TNC weren’t allowed the sort of laning they would have wanted and although they didn’t lose the laning phase, they made some questionable plays that would end up costing them the game. Abed especially was very clutch on his OD using his Astral Imprisonment both offensively and defensively, multiple times in multiple team fights helping Fnatic come out on top.
In game 3, TNC last picked a Timbersaw for raven but Fnatic immediately found the counter, drafting a Shadowfiend to help with the magic damage. Not only would Abed win the mid lane and then deliver a crushing performance, his 10-1-15 performance carried Fnatic through. Envy’s Luna was on point as well and Universe’s safelane Tide allowed Fnatic to win every lane and then the game.
With this, Fnatic qualify for the main event of the Starladder iLeague Season 5 Minor. TNC started off the day well but tapered off as they failed to adjust to what Fnatic had to offer.


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