FearTheReaper has made its way onto the WESG 2018: South & West Asia Qualifier Grand Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

26th, Nov, 2018

The WESG 2018 online qualifier continued to take place with the second open qualifier for the South & West Asia region coming to an end with FearTheReaper qualifying through to the closed qualifier. 

The open qualifier was hosted on FACEIT witnessing participation from 33 teams. The teams followed a BO1, single elimination match-up till the quarterfinals after which the semifinals and the finals featured a BO3 series. 

This is all the action that took place in the qualifier:

Photo Credit: FACEIT

Qualifier Breakdown

Invictus was the only Indian team this time around who were able to proceed onto the Semifinals of the qualifier with both 2ez Gaming and Entity falling in the Round of 16 against FearTheReaper and Xiphos, respectively.

Invictus was also stopped on its way to the Finals by Pakistani team Portal Esports. Portal showed some really great discipline keeping the Invictus squad quiet and in-order as they went on to beat them by a series score of ‘2-1’.

FearTheReaper were a force to reckon with as they beat their opponents left and right to reach the finals where they took an easy ‘2-0’ victory against Portal Esports.

With this, the second open qualifier for WESG 2018 has come to an end with FearTheReaper qualifying ahead onto the South & West Asia Qualifier Grand Finals where they will be taking on NASR Esports who qualified through the first open qualifier.


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