FACEIT Major: London 2018 - TyLoo Too Hot To Handle

Aditya Singh Rawat

13o, Sep, 2018

Image Credit: TyLoo

TyLoo faced MIBR yesterday in their first bout of the FACEIT Major New Legends Stage. MIBR was in for a treat as an underdog marked its triumph climbing over its first obstacle in the second group stage.

TyLoo had an amazing run in the New Challengers' Stage as they won two back-to-back eliminators against Renegades and Team Spirit to make it to the New Legends Stage and now they have added another feather to their cap by taking down MIBR in their BO1 clash on Inferno.

TyLoo Fights It Through

The first three rounds went the way of MIBR as they opted for their aggressive plays which paid off well. TyLoo managed to put themselves on the board by taking the fourth round but MIBR hit back hard by going on a six-round streak, shaking up the Asians pretty hard. TyLoo managed to take 3 out of the remaining 5 rounds before halftime as they faced a huge deficit with the score set at ‘11-4’.

The second half started off with some solid defence being set up by TyLoo as they operated on the backfoot to win 5 consecutive rounds, cutting down on their deficit by a huge margin. MIBR finally won their first round of the half but a relentless TyLoo hit back to draw the scores at ‘12-12’ by taking a hattrick. 

MIBR broke the stalemate with some help from 'coldzera' as he clutched a 2v1 against 'DD' and 'xccurate' but some terrible calls along with brutal counters from TyLoo won them 4 rounds in a row which led them to take the match ‘16-13’.

TyLoo overcame the first of many hurdles that they face within this group stage as MIBR drop their first game and move on to face a similar seeded opponent tomorrow. 

Stay tuned as the Asian pride is yet to face more challenges on their way to the playoffs. 

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