FACEIT Major: London 2018 - TyLoo Falters On The Second Day

Aditya Singh Rawat

6th, Sep, 2018

TyLoo faced NiP as their opponents in the second round of the swiss format new challengers' stage of FACEIT Major: London 2018. Coming into the second round with a victory against Gambit on Inferno yesterday, the Chinese support was strong along with the team's confidence and morale.

But NiP strode in to take their second win in a row as they beat TyLoo ‘16-12’ on Inferno.

Close But Not Quite Enough

The pistol round was secured by NiP playing from T-side but TyLoo retaliated immediately through a spectacular triple kill by ‘Mo’ equipped with a Desert Eagle.

TyLoo took the lead taking 3 more rounds in a row but NiP found its way back into the game drawing the scores at ‘4-4’. The two teams went head-to-head, drawing the scores at the end of every alternate round but NiP took the slight edge over the Chinese as they finished with a score of ‘8-7’ at halftime. 

NiP opened the other half by taking the second pistol round as well, with a fantastic triple headshot kill by ‘REZ’ operating a USP-s. From here on forward, NiP took 4 rounds in a row, stopping everything that TyLoo threw their way. But TyLoo was finally able to find a chink in the NiP’s defence that won them 5 consecutive rounds, bringing them one round shy of drawing the scores again. 

NiP changing their tactics played a magnificent round as they won without losing a single player on their side and continued to take the remainder of the rounds, winning the match with a score of ‘16-12’.

With this TyLoo loses its first match of the tournament as NiP remain one win away from qualifying onto the next stage.

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