FACEIT Major: London 2018 - TyLoo Down Renegades In Crucial Eliminator

Aditya Singh Rawat

8o, Sep, 2018

Image Credit: Renegades

TyLoo faced off against Renegades in the fourth round of the New Challengers Stage at FACEIT Major: London 2018

TyLoo came into the eliminator losing two matches in a row against NiP and OpTic whereas Renegades survived their previous eliminator to face the same situation again in front of a more experienced opponent.

 Enough Eliminators For Renegades

The two teams faced off on Mirage which was the first time that either of the team was playing the map within the tournament. 

TyLoo took off to a flyer of a start as they won five straight rounds right at the beginning of a high-pressure match. Renegades opened their scoring in the 6th round but were immediately shut by TyLoo securing another win for the team. TyLoo kept piling up rounds one after the other bringing the score to ‘9-1’. The last 5 rounds before the half were split ‘3-2’ in favour of TyLoo who were now leading with a score of ‘12-3’

The second half was all renegades for the first three rounds after which TyLoo scooped in to pick the next two rounds. Renegades in the last attempt managed to take a hattrick but TyLoo again picked one round in the middle to disrupt their streak. TyLoo now on map point lost the next round to Renegades but claimed the one following just after to win the match ‘16-10’.

As TyLoo survive their first eliminator of the tournament Renegades become the third team to get knocked out of the London Major