FACEIT Major: London 2018 - BIG drops Faze in the first round

Aditya Singh Rawat

12th, Sep, 2018

Image Credit: BIG

BIG went up against Faze in their respective opening matches in the first day of the FACEIT Major New Legends Stage.

Both the teams are among the best in competitive CS and this match was bound to be a great clash as the two fought it out on Dust 2 in the BO1 match-up.

Let's see if BIG can keep up their unbeaten streak against Faze or will Faze finally be free from this dark spot among its many achievements.

A Big Drop

BIG opened up strong taking the pistol round and backed it up by winning the following round as well. Faze opened their scoring in the third round but were shut immediately as BIG went on a four-round streak. Facing a deficit Faze pulled off a great hattrick to bring the score to ‘4-7’

BIG returned the favour hitting Faze back with a triple but breaking their momentum Faze clipped the last round before the half to reach a score of ‘5-10’

The second half was totally dominated by BIG now playing T-side, as they won the pistol round and every other round after that to take the match away from Faze with a score of ‘16-5’

With this BIG win their first match in the New Legends Stage while Faze dropping their chance have to make sure not to repeat the same tomorrow.


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