eXTREMESLAND 2018 - XCN & Capcorn one step away from Shanghai

Aditya Singh Rawat

1st, Sep, 2018

Indonesia’s regional LAN finals for eXTREMESLAND 2018 started today featuring the 4 teams that qualified through the online qualifier

The schedule for the semifinal is as follows:

All the semifinal matches were a BO3 following a single elimination format.

Capcorn Wins Convincingly 

The first semifinal of the day witnessed a clash between Prime Esports and Team Capcorn.


The first match between the two took place on Train. The opening rounds were exchanged really aggressively between the two sides but as the match went on, Capcorn playing CT-side started taking a significant lead reaching a score of ‘10-5’ by the halftime mark.

Post-halftime Capcorn kept piling rounds in their favour as ‘hazKing’ from Capcorn took a fantastic quad-kill to secure them a hattrick of rounds. Prime finally put a stop to their streak winning a crucial 1v1 clutch following up with another round. The next two rounds were equally exchanged between the two bringing the score to ‘14-8’. Capcorn took the two required rounds without wasting any more time and won the first match ‘16-8’.


The second match was fought on Overpass where the pistol round was won by Capcorn but Prime took the next round to even out the playing field. Capcorn retaliated quite heavily, inflicting a massive deficit on their opponents as they won 7 rounds in succession. Prime finally slipped one round their way, converting the following two as well in an attempt to come back but instead got trampled by Capcorn as they took a hattrick bringing the score to ‘11-4’ at halftime. 

The second pistol round was also won by Capcorn but Prime with some spectacular plays pulled 3 consecutive rounds to their side. Capcorn switched gears to win the remaining 4 rounds in a very swift manner, winning the second game ‘16-7’

With this, Team Capcorn eliminate Prime Esports, winning the BO3 series ‘2-0’ and move onto the Grand Finals.

XCN Flourishes Into The Finals  

The second semifinal of the day was a bout between XCN & PG Barracx.


The first match took place on Inferno. Barracx started strong winning the initial 3 rounds but were shut down from gaining momentum as XCN put themselves on the scoreboard. XCN converted their deficit into a lead by winning 3 continuous rounds only to let Barracx snatch it away by winning the next four. XCN came back strong taking 4 rounds in a row and finished the first half with the score at ‘8-7’. 

Barracx levelled the scores winning the second pistol round, following up with a hattrick. XCN played some great rounds to level the scores at ‘11-11’ and immediately called for a timeout. The match resumed with XCN adopting a heavily aggressive playstyle which paid off as they won 4 successive rounds to reach map point.  

Barracx did delay XCN’s victory by a round but couldn’t stop them as XCN won the first match with a score of ‘16-12’.


The second match began with Barracx again starting off with a 3-round win on Nuke while playing T-side. XCN stepped up to claim their first round of the map which was followed by a 7-round streak to give them the lead. Barracx broke their streak by stealing a round but faltered to a hattrick of rounds by XCN towards the ending of the first half bringing the scores to ‘11-4’. 

The second half was all XCN as they took 5 rounds in a row to win the second match ‘16-4’

With this, XCN eliminates PG Barracx, winning the BO3 series ‘2-0’ and move onto the Grand Finals.

 The Grand Finals will be taking place tomorrow between XCN and Team Capcorn. So, stay tuned to find out which team gets to represent Indonesia in the city of Shanghai. 

Catch the live stream at bit.ly/ZOWIEeXTREMESLAND





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