eXTREMESLAND 2018 - SRA first team to qualify for the India LAN Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

2nd, Sep, 2018

The first day of India Decider Qualifier for eXTREMESLAND 2018 took place yesterday with Slaughter Rage Army becoming the first team to make it to the India LAN Finals through the decider qualifier. 

8 teams came together through one online qualifier & four offline qualifiers to form the upper and lower bracket of the India decider qualifier. The 4 teams in the lower bracket came via the online qualifier whereas the 4 teams in the upper bracket were a result of the offline qualifiers. 

All the games played within the qualifier are a BO3, double elimination bracket. Following are the India decider qualifier match-ups:

Upper Bracket 


The first game of the upper bracket kicked off with Invictus taking on SRA which was favoured to be won by the former but it turned out to be a struggle for them as SRA took up the challenge head-on and after a hard-fought first match which went into overtime, SRA came out on top with a score of ‘19-15’. The second match between the two was a nail-biter as well but SRA again managed to pull off a really close win with the score of ‘16-14’. 

The second game brought Brutality against Frag Magnets. Again, a heavily contested game that went down to the deciding third match. The first match took place on Inferno where Brutality won with a dominant performance of ‘16-5’. The second match was fought on Overpass going the way of Frag Magnets after they fought through a nervous overtime, winning it ‘19-16’. The decider took place on Cache which was a one-sided drag for Brutality, winning with a score of ‘16-3’. 


Brutality faced off against SRA in a thrilling game of constant pressure. The first match was played on Cache which Brutality won with a score of ‘16-10’. The next match took place on Dust 2 which was won by SRA scoring ‘16-10’. The final match saw the two fight it out on Nuke which went the way of SRA, granting them a slot in the India LAN Finals. 

Lower Bracket 


The first game down low was between God Particles & Fatal Squad which went the way of Fatal Squad ‘2-1’ granting them an opportunity to move to the second round of lower bracket where they face Invictus. 

The second game was between Team JHSGoFigure which was won by GoFigure that won the series ‘2-1’ to move onto the second round of lower bracket where they will be facing Frag Magnets. 


Invictus dropped down from the upper bracket to face Fatal Squad. The first match between the two took place on Train where Invictus won ‘16-8’. The second match saw action on Mirage where Invictus were triumphant again with a score of ‘16-4’. With this Invictus move onto the third round of lower bracket to face against the winner of ‘GoFigure v/s Frag Magnets’.

That is all the action that took place on the first day. Stay tuned as we bring you more action tomorrow from the second day of the India LAN Qualifier. 

The matches can be streamed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8kB_JQj0uU


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