eXTREMESLAND 2018 SEA Region - Qualifier Announcements & Updates

Aditya Singh Rawat

18o, Aug, 2018
The SEA Region has seen a couple of qualifiers being announced for eXTREMESLAND 2018 within the week. These qualifiers are hosted by local esports organizations on behalf of eXTREMESLAND, who cover everything including registration, media coverage, casting, etc.

The following week saw Indonesia & Philippines Qualifiers being announced. One team from each of these countries will get an opportunity to participate in the 'Shanghai Showdown', scheduled to take on 18th-21st October.
Philippines Qualifier

The Philippines Qualifier was announced on 31st July and registrations for them are now closed.

Open Qualifier

The Open Qualifier commenced on 11th August witnessing participation from 29 Teams. The Open qualifier follows a Group Stage Format with the 29 Teams being distributed into 6 groups of 5 each with the last group containing 4 teams.

The Open Qualifier is set to take place in 3 sets of dates, 11th-12th August, 18th-19th August & 25th-26th August. The top team from every group along with the two best second-placed teams among all the groups will qualify for the Regional LAN FInals.

The current standings of the teams within the Group Stages can be checked by Clicking Here

The schedule of the matches can be checked by Clicking Here

Regional LAN Finals

The Regional LAN Finals will be held on 1st September in ArkAngel Caloocan, Philippines. The Finals will be played among 8 Teams in a BO3, Single Elimination Format. 

The Regional Qualifiers are being hosted by ArkAngel & Play on WASD.

The following are the Live Stream links: | |
Indonesia Qualifier

The Indonesian Qualifier was announced on 16th August with the registrations being held from 16th-24th August. The registration takes place on a first-come-first basis as there are only 32 available slots in total.

The Team Registration link is



Open Qualifier

The Open Qualifier will take place on the online platform FaceIt from 25th-26th August following a BO1, Single Elimination Format.

Top 4 Teams will qualify through to the Regional LAN Finals.

The Open Qualifier Registration link is



Regional LAN Finals

The Regional LAN Finals will be held on 1st-2nd September in Supreme League Arena, Jakarta, Indonesia.
The 4 qualifying teams will play a BO3 Semi-Finals followed by a BO5 Finals, Single Elimination Format. The winning team will represent the country in Shanghai, competing for the $100,000 Prize Pool.


The tournament is being hosted by Supreme League.

Malaysia Qualifier

The Malaysia Qualifier was already announced previously on 7th August. Since then we have witnessed progress in the ongoing qualifiers.

The Online Qualifiers which were scheduled to take place on 8th August saw CoVE Esports & Virtual Genesis.Anthrax making it through to the Regional LAN Finals after competing amongst 27 registered teams.

Today, 18th August is witnessing the Offline LAN Qualifiers being hosted at Orange Esports Stadium, Malaysia. The qualifier which started around 9:00 is being broadcasted on Orange Esports FB Page. 

The LAN Qualifier saw participation from 19 Teams. Let's see who makes it through to the Regional LAN Finals which will take place tomorrow on 19th August at the Orange Esports Stadium.


The tournament is being hosted by Orange Esports.

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring in a lot more action from all the Regional Qualifiers for eXTREMESLAND 2018.