eXTREMESLAND 2018: Rush and Portal crash out of the Middle East Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

16th, Sep, 2018

The first day of the Middle East Qualifier Finals continued on after the Upper Bracket Round-1 witnessed TOP5 and Rush Middle East made it through from Group-A while Group-B saw the rise of Fear The Reaper and Shotcallers. 

The winners of the upper bracket round one now faced each other in yet another BO1 match-up which would determine the first semifinalists from both the groups. 

Upper Bracket Quarter-Finals 


 Rush Middle East vs TOP5 

Rush Middle East lost their match against TOP5 in the first quarterfinals of the day. The match was not streamed due to some technical difficulties. 

With this Rush Middle East drops down to the lower bracket as TOP5 become the first semifinalists from Group-A. 



 Fear The Reaper vs Shotcallers

The two teams faced each other on Cache. The first half of the match was quite intense with Fear The Reaper taking the lead at halftime with the scores at ‘8-7’. But Shotcallers really stepped up their game-winning nine out of the twelve rounds played in the second half and took the match ‘16-11’

Fear The Reaper moves down to the lower bracket as Group-B witnesses its first semifinalist, Shotcallers. 

Lower Bracket Round-1 


 NASR Esports vs Peaky Arabs 

Peaky Arabs refused to partake in the competition and pulled out of it, due to which NASR Esports got a walkover to the next round where they would take on Rush Middle East in the lower bracket quarter-finals. 



 Team Fate vs Portal Esports 

The match took place on Mirage where Portal played much better than their previous match performance taking the lead at halftime with the scores reading ‘10-5’. The second half was dominated by Fate as Portal came back from a significant deficit to reach a score of ‘15-14’ after which due to an error the game lobby crashed. 

Another lobby was made which witnessed the two teams play each other in a BO3 round scenario where Fate won ‘2-1’ over Portal and moved on to face Fear The Reaper in the lower bracket quarter-finals whereas the Pakistani squad were eliminated from the tournament. 

Lower Bracket Quarter-Finals 


NASR Esports vs Rush Middle East 

NASR Esports won against Rush Middle East in a revenge match advancing to the semifinals where they faced against TOP5 while Rush Middle East was eliminated from the tournament.



Fear The Reaper vs Team Fate

The two teams fought it on Mirage with Fate winning the game quite easily as they took the match with a score of ‘16-8’ advancing to the semifinals to face Shotcallers while Fear The Reaper were eliminated.

That is all the update from the first day of the Middle East Qualifier. Stay tuned as we bring you more action from the second day.

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