eXTREMESLAND 2018 - Lower Bracket Set For The India Decider Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

21st, Aug, 2018

After a very competitive and closely fought Direct Invite Qualifier which saw OpTic and Entity Gaming qualify for the Regional LAN Finale, the Indian Qualifiers moved forward with the Online Qualifier that was hosted on the 18th-19th August.

The Online Qualifier saw 74 Teams participate in order to grab the 4 Lower Bracket positions in the Decider Qualifier, which will take place on 1st-2nd September

After grilling through 5 Rounds of BO1 match-ups in the Single Elimination Qualifier, the 4 Teams to make it all the way to the Semi-Finals were: 

  • God Particles 

  • Team JHS 

  • GoFigure 

  • Fatal Squad 


The Semi-Finals observed Fatal Squad winning against Team JHS with a score of ‘16-7’ while on the other hand, God Particles squared up against GoFigure, beating them comfortably with the score reading ‘16-5’.  

The Finals witnessed God Particles moving past Team JHS 2-0 in a BO3 series whereas GoFigure won ‘2-0’ in their faceoff against Fatal Squad.

More information about Online Qualifier Bracket can be found by Clicking Here.

The 4 Teams will face-off against 4 more teams who will qualify through the Offline Qualifiers and take a spot in the Upper Bracket of the Decider Qualifier.

Wishing the best of luck to the 4 Qualified Teams, stay tuned as we indulge in some serious upcoming action with the Offline Qualifiers starting from 25th August.

Teams can register for the Offline Qualifier till 23rd August by Clicking Here.


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