eXTREMESLAND 2018 - Entity Move Through The Lower Bracket To Face OpTic

Aditya Singh Rawat

9th, Sep, 2018

Image Credit: LXG

After a tough break yesterday against OpTic India, Entity faced SRA in the Lower Bracket Finals today morning. 

SRA had achieved a huge upset by eliminating Brutality and were set for another today in the BO3 elimination match.

Slaughtered Out Of The Qualifier

The two teams went head-on against each other on Overpass in the first match. The first half was a one-sided beatdown as Entity took the half ‘13-2’. Not much changed in the remainder of the match as Entity rampaged on to victory winning the match ‘16-3’ in a very dominant manner. 

With pressure mounting on SRA, the second match started on Dust 2 with SRA performing a lot better but still not able to seize a lead on Entity as the half ended with a score of ‘9-6’. Racing in after the half to tie the scores SRA did not give an inch of space to Entity to work around their plays. Entity stepped up to stop SRA completely, giving away just one round while taking the win ‘16-10’

The Lower Bracket came to an end with Entity striding through ‘2-0’ to face OpTic India yet again in the Grand Finale of India Qualifier Finals. A great run by SRA comes to an end as they surely got a lot of attention, exceeding far beyond everyone's expectations.

Stay tuned as the Grand Finale start within an hour witnessing the fourth clash between Entity and OpTic India within the Indian Qualifiers. This is surely going to be a brutal finale.

Catch the stream live here.


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