Execration drops their opening game versus LFY

Nishant Patel

3o, Aug, 2017
SEA Dota hasn't had the most amazing start at TI 7. While TNC may have gone blow for blow with Evil Geniuses, Fnatic has lost both games of their opening series to tournament favourites LGD Gaming.

Execration's first game wasn't a wild success either. Their opponents - LFY ran a tanky three core lineup featuring Void, Doom and Dragon Knight - a trio that proved too much to handle for Xctn's core Weaver and Necrophos. Despite showing signs of life in the early - mid game, the house of cards came tumbling down after a Roshan fight went terribly wrong for them with LFY scoring 6 kills (5 plus an aegis reincarnation on Weaver).

At 45 minutes, Xctn essentially jebaited themselves into a 3 man chronosphere featuring an attempted Reaper's Scythe kill on the void who survived the onslaught to turn the tides of battle in LFY's favour. Shortly after, the gam was done and LFY enters the second game of the series with a one game lead.