EVOS Esports win ProDota Cup SEA #13

Shounak Sengupta

8o, Aug, 2018

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Coming in hot from the upper bracket, Indonesia’s EVOS Esports continued their fine form, beating TNC Tigers in 2 games to claim a victory in the grand finals. The upper bracket run meant that they already had a one-game advantage and finished the series 3-0. It’s 1500$ in the bank and bragging rights for the Indonesians as they looked to be in good shape.

Game 2: Necrophos steals the show

The TNC Tigers were back to their usual creep skipping shenanigans on the mid lane with Bristleback but EVOS were more than prepared and shut him down using the Necrophos effectively. From there, the Necrophos transitioned from having a good laning stage to a powerful midgame beast, shutting down the Tigers with 16 kills in a 39-minute game. TNC Tigers' decision to put inYourDream’s Anti-Mage in the offlane cost them heavily as he farmed up a late Battlefury and had a minimal impact all throughout the game, getting caught out multiple times and spending much of the game staring at the long death timer. By the end, EVOS had a solid 20k+ gold lead and the game never really slipped out of their hands at any stage as they engaged frequently with their low cooldown spells and never allowed the Tigers an inch of space.

Game 3: Track gold and Bloodseeker make quick work of TNC Tigers

The second game of the series saw EVOS pull a fast one on TNC Tigers, as ilLogic’s Bloodseeker massacred the entirety of TNC Tigers with 18 kills in a short 24-minute game. Just like game 2, EVOS had all the tools to fight frequently with a Beastmaster and an offlane Huskar and TNC Tigers was given very little space to come online. With the GPM lead almost at a thousand per minute, TNC Tigers realized that there was no coming back and called the gg.


TNC Tigers looked strong until the grand finals making an impressive run through the lower bracket, but EVOS caught them off guard in the grand finals, playing an aggressive, in your face, run at you style of Dota that the Tigers were unable to contain.