EVOS and TNC Tigers post wins in the ProDota Cup SEA #13

Shounak Sengupta

6th, Aug, 2018

News from the SEA Dota world as the ProDota Cup is currently underway. TNC Tigers continued their run through the lower brackets of the playoffs while EVOS Esports became the first grand finalists by taking down Execration 2-0.

The Power of Healing

EVOS took 2 easy victories in the bo3 winner bracket finals using heal strats twice in a row to take the win. In game 1, their Dazzle and Necrophos kept the sustain going with Dazzle especially preventing the enemy Lina and Tiny from bursting down EVOS’s heroes. With a Medusa on their side, it was only a matter of biding their time as EVOS took good fights, kept the Medusa farming and finished the game in a swift push by the 32-minute mark.

In game 2, Aville dominated the offlane on his Enchantress and was impossible to kill thanks to help from his Treant. PL was forced to take the hard lane and never really got his farm going as EVOS’s Ursa snowballed with the help of an Aegis and helped the Indonesians take a sub-30-minute win.

Tigers continue their lower bracket journey

In the lower bracket, the TNC Tigers seemed confident and were able to pull out a convincing 2-0 over China’s Orange Gaming Team. In the first game, The Tigers had an incredible pushing line up with a Lycan and a Death Prophet, even choosing to run a support Ursa to help with secure and easy Aegis. By 24 minutes, they were already knocking on the enemy high ground and after a failed Roshan fight, Orange had no answer and called the gg.

Game 2 was a bloodbath with around 70 kills in just 28 minutes but in the end, it was the Tigers who claimed the victory marking a comeback from a near 7000 gold deficit. One lost team fight again while contesting Roshan cost Orange the game and not having buybacks so early on meant that the Tigers walked away with the series. Both games saw Orange dominate the lanes and play a fantastic early game, picking up lots of kills only for the Tigers to sweep them away with a single massive blow.


The TNC Tigers will now face Execration in the lower bracket finals while EVOS Esports wait in the grand finals.



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