Evil Geniuses claim their 3rd Summit Title

Vignesh Raghuram

30th, Jul, 2018

Arteezy added yet another Summit trophy to his back as Evil Geniuses convincingly beat Fnatic in the Grand Finals to prove that they have finally found their touch and are ready to bring back the Aegis in The International 8 which kicks off in just two weeks.





Fnatic destroy VGJ.Storm in their march to the Grand Finals


Before that, in the first game of the final day had Fnatic facing VGJ.Storm in a rematch. Often, a Terrorblade vs Arc Warden will force the match to go very late, and to be fair, it did. But Fnatic accelerated their tanky lineup and took advantage with their fast Blink+Shadow Blade timing on Universe’s Tiny. This forced VGj.Storm to play conservatively, and boosted EE’s farm. With no way of killing Fnatic, VGJ.Storm conceded game 1 at the 42-minute mark.

In the next game, We saw yet another Techies pick by VGJ.Storm. While the NA team dominated the early/mid-game stages of the game, Fnatic managed to turn around the game in a teamfight at Roshan, which allowed the SEA team to push into high ground and force Resolut1on’s buyback. After that, it was pretty straightforward for Fnatic. They were mega creeped and with nothing to deal with the EE’s Spectre, VGJ.Storm had to surrender to the SEA team.


Fnatic can’t stop the EG train


Game 1 was the closest game of the series, which really isn't’ saying much, stretching out to 53 minutes, the longest match of the day. Despite losing a set of barracks to Fnatic's intimidating Tiny strat, EG maintained their composure and turned the game around. SumaiL was the MVP of this match, with his clutch Templar Assassin ganks and outplays giving EG the openings to close out the game.

In Game 2, we witnessed an absolutely dominant performance from S4's Enchantress. It took s4 just 8 minutes to mow down two of Fnatic’s safe lane towers while completely pressuring EE’s Terrorblade out of the game. Sensing blood in the water, SumaiL continued to torture EE with brilliant smoke movement as he killed him over and over again taking away Fnatic’s win condition. EG cruised to an easy Game 2 win, and had their sights set on the final blow.

The final game went as poorly for Fnatic as the previous ones. With an outstanding performance from Cr1t’s Earth Shaker, SumaiL’s Pugna – who handily won the lane against Abed’s Templar Assassin in the mid lane – and Arteezy’s Ursa, EG rolled over Fnatic with a terrific 44-17 score by the end of the game.



While EG and their fans will be quite happy with their performance. I doubt that Fnatic fans will be disappointed. We all know that The International 8 is the ultimate goal, and a 2nd place finish could ultimately be better as teams might underestimate them at TI which might give the SEA team an opening to go far in The International.

They have enough time to reevaluate, and reset their strategies and use the experience to improve themselves before TI8.


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