ESN and Ay Gaming announce a 1 million PKR esports event in Pakistan

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, May, 2017
ESN in association with Ay Gaming has announced the details of Gaming Summit - a gaming and esports event in Pakistan with a prize pool of 1 million PKR. This event is set to possess the largest prize pool in Pakistan’s Esports history.

The Gaming Summit will begin later this month featuring games like Mortal Kombat XL, CS:GO, Street Fighter V, FIFA 17, Tekken and Dota 2 and consists of two phases with a unique structure and format.
Training Grounds

Aspiring professional gamers will be coached by professionals of their game of choice. The coaching sessions will take place twice a week in 2.5-hour sessions for two months. Each player will then be assigned a team with which they will then practice and scrim. The games will be supervised by admins to ensure that only beginners take part in the Training Grounds phase.
Battle Grounds

The 2nd phase a.k.a Battle Grounds will solely focus on the professional gamers. They will battle it out over the course of 2 months (starting from July) for the lion’s share of the 1 Million PKR Prizepool.

Tournament Details

The tournament is NOT free to play and requires participants to pay an entry fee.

The Fee Structure is as below :
Phase Training Grounds Battle Grounds
Duration 2 months 2 months
Initial Registration Fee 1500 Rupees 1000 Rupees
Monthly Fee 2000 Rupees 2000 Rupees
Total Fee 5500 Rupees 5000 Rupees
*Currency is in PKR.

Registration Links:

Training Grounds:
Battle Grounds(Dota 2 and CS:GO):
Battle Grounds(Other Games):
Prizepool Information:

1 Million PKR / 6.14 Lakh INR / $9500 USD
For further info contact:

Twitter:           @ESNtv_Pakistan
Email:             [email protected]
Facebook:      @EsnTvPakistan
Phone:            0334 – 2056691, 0347 – 2924862.

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