ESL One Mumbai : Outplayed! Keen Gaming eliminate TNC Predator

Shounak Sengupta

20th, Apr, 2019

Cover image source: @ESL Dota2


Hopes were high after Tims’ heroics made all the highlight reels but Keen Gaming shut down any TNC hopes with discipline, poise and experience taking a clinical 2-0 victory to seal themselves a top 3 finish in Mumbai.


Both teams fought till the bitter end in game 1, but Keen Gaming’s late game reigned supreme as old chicken’s Spectre had the farm to dish out the damage. Excellent target selection negated much of Tims’ impact as Spectre found him at the start of teamfight almost everytime. However, some incredible synergy from eleVen’s Underlord allowed Keen to actually reach the late game as he bailed his team out many a time in the mid-game fights. TNC’s hero composition simply wasn’t good enough to match up against a late game Spectre + QoP and there was little they could do to salvage the game.


In game 2, Keen Gaming brought out an old dual mid meta and TNC proceeded to lose all 3 lanes quite decisively. From that point onwards, anything TNC did felt desperate and Keen never made enough mistakes to let TNC back into the game.


TNC will go home in 4th place while Keen take on Na’Vi for a slot against Mineski in the grand finals.



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