ESL One Mumbai : Mineski in the grand finals after taking down Na’Vi in an epic clash

Shounak Sengupta

20th, Apr, 2019

Cover image source: @ESL Dota2


Mineski made a major stride towards being crowned the Maharaja’s of Mumbai as they took down Na’Vi to move onto the grand finals. In front of a packed crowd, Mineski won over the hearts of the fans as they showed some fantastic Dota to edge out the fan favorites.


In game 1, Mineski went for the late game putting their hopes on AhJit’s Terrorblade, who was more than capable of dishing out the damage past 35 minutes. The single target heavy Na’Vi found it difficult to contest Mineski throughout the mid-game and Febby’s MVP worthy performance put his team in a comfortable position as they wrapped up the game quite comfortably.


Game 2 was an absolute nail biter as both teams found themselves with massive leads but unable to close out the game. Na’Vi’s Sniper and Mineski’s Medusa made it hard for both sides to close out the game but Bliizy’s Pangolier shone bright in teamfights as he was able to zone out the enemy heroes while Sniper and WK went to work. Mineski stayed in the game on the back of clutch plays from Febby’s VS but in the end Na’Vi’s cores were too tanky enough to survive and deal damage and the CIS org were able to tie up the series.


Mineski seemed prepared for the series as we found out in game 3, as they brought out the signature Moon DK who won his mid lane matchup and came out with a 17-minute Radiance. Na’Vi were never prepared for that level of aggression and without the heroes to play from behind, they could only watch as their structures crumbled right in front of their eyes. They threw bodies to prevent the carnage but it only fuelled the fire and Mineski had little to no trouble closing it out with a massive gold advantage.

Up next we have, Keen Gaming versus TNC and the winner will take on Na'Vi for a spot in the grand finals!


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