ESL One Mumbai : Complexity eliminated at the hands of The Pango

Shounak Sengupta

19th, Apr, 2019

Cover image source: @ESL Dota 2 

CIS squad, The Pango, completed their comeback as a blitzkrieg in the last 2 games saw Complexity getting completely overwhelmed. Both teams had mixed results at the group stages, but Complexity will feel the brunt of the defeat as they were definitely expected to perform better, especially considering that they are playing in the MDL Paris Disneyworld Major in less than a month.


Game 1 went to the NA org and it was all about getting to the late game, where CoL’s TB and Ember wreaked havoc on The Pango’s mid-game centric draft. However, they struck back in game 2, on the back of Iceberg’s Storm Spirit, who controlled the tempo well, showing up in key fights and helping the team extend their lead. CoL’s mid SF had little to no impact, and The Pango were easily able to overwhelm the enemy heroes and take high ground, prompting a sub-30-minute gg.


In the final game of the series, it was Iceberg once again, who shone for The Pango, this time, finding kill after kill on his mid-Lina, as he ended the game with a 14-0 scoreline. CoL were left shellshocked at the incoming aggression and found themselves unable to make any sort of plays, ultimately collapsing to a 20-minute gg.


The Pango will now take on China’s Keen Gaming in the lower bracket, tomorrow.


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